PM-Designate Mickoski Responds to Nimetz’s Message on Prespa Agreement

Several hours before the interview with Sitel, commenting on the message from mediator Matthew Nimetz, sent from Athens the previous day, that people who are in authority should respect the Prespa Agreement and not live in a fantasy world, PM-designate Hristijan Mickoski said that he lived in a reality that was painful and stung, where 600,000 citizens had just 150 denars to spent on a daily basis.

“They lied to a people that had done for that, in his view, illusion what no other people in Europe had. First, it renounced its flag. Then, it renounced its Constitution several times. At the end, it renounced its constitutional name.

Yet, unfortunately, we are still in the waiting room. We’re not even at the table. I think they should pay attention to their behaviour when they comment on who lives in an illusion and how. I live in a reality, with that reality being difficult and painful for me, whereas someone is enjoying in first-class plane and transoceanic flights and super-luxury hotels,” Mickoski stated regarding, as he explained, promises that the EU negotiations would start and that membership would be achieved in four-five years after the name change.