PM Mickoski Responds to Bulgarian President Radev’s Comments

On Wednesday, PM Hristijan Mickoski expressed readiness to sit at the table with Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and, in the event of his election as PM, GERB leader Boyko Borissov.

However, he added that the two countries couldn’t be good neighbours if there was no mutual respect.

“I regret that messages like these are coming from our eastern neighbour. I thought such anachronous messages belonged to the Middle Ages. However, unfortunately, there you have it. In modern Europe, in the 21st century, it turns out politicians like the ones you quoted [Radev] exist.

Despite that, I am ready to talk with both. I desire Mister Borissov to form the government in Bulgaria because we come from the European People’s Party and it’s logical for me to desire the eastern neighbour to have a PM coming from the same family. However, my message is also that the times when here, in our country, there were politicians that were servile, that would yield, that would be on their knees, and that would sign all kinds of things put on the table in front of them are over,” he stressed. Mickoski said respecting agreements was a two-way street.