PM: Positions for VMRO-DPMNE should Remain Vacant if There is no Support

According to PM and SDSM leader Dimitar Kovacevski, the future, caretaker, PM-designate, Talat Xhaferi, should form a cabinet that will see the positions for VMRO-DPMNE vacant.

As he said on Friday, they should be filled once Hristijan Mickoski’s party decides to support the caretaker cabinet. In response, VMRO-DPMNE said it was up to the government whether it would choose to comply with or break the law.

Regarding his meeting the previous day with ex-PM and former SDSM leader Zoran Zaev and DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, Kovacevski said they had discussed the EU path and the how the participation of the parties in the 2024 elections should be.

Ruling majority sources have told Kanal 5 that the formal procedures for the cabinet will start on Thursday, when Kovacevski and Xhaferi will resign, Friday will see Jovan Mitreski elected Parliament Speaker, while MPs will vote on the cabinet two days after that, the TV station reported on Sunday (21 January).

As Sitel reported, on Wednesday, after an Executive Committee session, VMRO-DPMNE will reveal the names of its nominees for the caretaker cabinet.