PM Xhaferi Participates in Conference on Growth Plan for Western Balkans

On Thursday in Tirana, caretaker PM Talat Xhaferi delivered an address at the High-Level Conference on the Growth Plan for the Western Balkans. The event is a continuation of the talks started in Skopje in January.

Xhaferi underlined the importance of the Common Regional Market as an opportunity for benefits for citizens from the EU’s internal market as early as the accession process.

As he added, North Macedonia’s Government strongly supports the Growth Plan. In that regard, Xhaferi described it as the most ambitious mechanism proposed by the European Commission since the start of the country’s EU path.

It will potentially change the region and speed up the EU path, the caretaker PM noted.

The Plan, Xhaferi stressed, represents serious encouragement for greater economic integration regarding the Western Balkans, which creates not only better opportunities for jobs, but also an increase of the GDP in the region.

At the Conference, a Joint Statement was issued by Western Balkan leaders, in the direction of further institutions cooperation between countries, with specifying concrete steps and initiatives for the goal to be achieved.