Police Operation: Sheval Muaremi and Alliance for Albanians among Arrested

The Interior Ministry’s special units, with the help of the Prosecutor’s Office, in today’s operation in the Skopje region, arrested S.M. [Grcec drug lord Sheval Muaremi], Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said at a press-conference on Thursday.

As he added, the operation was carried out in cooperation with Europol, that is, with colleagues from France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. It’s about an organised group that was engaged in activities internationally, that is, it would smuggle cocaine from countries in South America, such as Brazil, in order for the drugs to be afterwards sold in Europe.

The criminal group is also linked to murders-for-hire, for which enough pieces of evidence have been gathered, Spasovski noted, adding that that concerned crime committed from 2019 to 2021.