Preparations for OSCE Ministerial Council Underway

FM and OSCE Chairperson Bujar Osmani confirmed at a press conference that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will attend the informal dinner of the OSCE Ministerial Council, that is set to take place in Skopje on 29 November.

“While the presence of Blinken is confirmed, we still cannot say the same about Russian FM Sergey Lavrov, or the Ukrainian FM Dmytro Kuleba. The agendas of each and every minister are different, hence we cannot give precise information whether and who will attend which of the events. They will all start arriving in the afternoon on Tuesday 28 November, and the informal dinner will take place the next day, at which the minister will discuss the future of OSCE, and will most certainly discuss the situation in Ukraine too,” Osmani said.

Speaking of the handover of the presidency over OSCE, Osmani said that the meeting in Skopje will be the “D Day” for this. “We are making efforts for this to go on without any problems. Recently, were approached Malta, and they offered to take the presidency over. If there is no decision till Monday, OSCE will enter a phase of completely undefined issues, something that has never happened since OSCE was established,” Osmani emphasised.