President Pendarovski in Interview with 360 Degrees Show

In an interview with the 360 Stepeni (360 Degrees) show, President Stevo Pendarovski says he is thinking about sending a message to his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in order for the extradition process of Ljupco Palevski, principal suspect in the murders of Vanja Gjorcevska and Pance Zezovski, to be carried out more quickly. He states stalling of the process shouldn’t be allowed.

Regarding the presidential race, Pendarovski says the chances of him running for a second term are today higher when compared to the likelihood of not being part of the race. As he explains, support from political entities, but not less, if not more, support from citizens, will be key regarding his decision.

Regarding the caretaker cabinet concept, he states that there is still need for that until the country reaches a level of political culture in which those who lose elections concede on election night, with that being based on credible facts from the ground about the opponent’s victory.