President Pendarovski in Interview with Kanal 5

The decision on whether President Stevo Pendarovski will run for another term will depend on both the personal rating and the rating of potential political supporters, that is, parties that would support him.

The decision is expected to be revealed at the end of January or the start of February. In an interview with Kanal 5, he says support from a party is needed because an independent candidate has never won a presidential election in the country, adding that it’s also very difficult for a purely party candidate to win as well.

When it comes to the EU path, Pendarovski fears that in the whole region and in North Macedonia, a perception is being created that the EU is cheating people.

“They say those that deserve to progress do that, but it is seen that they don’t,” the President says. He adds that the constitutional changes are the only condition to resume the EU path.

When it comes to Ljupco Palevski, Pendarovski doesn’t expect Turkiye’s authorities to stall the extradition process Regarding the judiciary, he states it is inadmissible for a process in a democratic country to last 10 or more years.