President Pendarovski in Interview with TV21

In an interview with TV21 on Monday, President and presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski said that US diplomacy had been more involved in solving the dispute with Bulgaria and for EU membership of North Macedonia than the diplomacy of some major countries in Europe.

“We’re too small to be at the Russian-invasion-of-Ukraine, Israel-Hamas war level for the heaviest diplomatic artillery to be used. However, I am telling you that serious diplomatic players from America, the US, have been involved over the past two years.

I have been telling that to my European friends, too, and I am sorry that I have been saying that, but American diplomacy, over the past two-three years, including also over the French proposal, has been much more active in terms of balancing the two sides out because they are asymmetrical, Bulgaria is an EU member, we are not, than some major European countries,” he stated.