President Pendarovski: One either Agrees or Disagrees to Caretaker Cabinet

In an interview with Alsat, President Stevo Pendarovski says that it is unfair for VMRO- DPMNE to be part of a government without voting in favour of it.

“One either agrees or disagrees to a caretaker cabinet. One can say they don’t want to nominate persons at all but they cannot challenge the porposal that this parliamentary majority makes according to the law,” he notes.

If VMRO-DPMNE doesnt nominate persons or if they are not voted through at a session of Parliament, it will not be a caretaker cabinet, but rather, de facto, a political government, the President assesses.

VMRO-DPMNE will present the names of its nominees for the caretaker cabinet on Wednesday, after the Executive Committee session, the party has confirmed.