Presidential Candidates’ Debate Held by MTV1

In the televised debate on Sunday night, all seven presidential candidates, SDSM-endorsed Stevo Pendarovski, VMRO-DPMNE-endorsed Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, GROM-endorsed Stevco Jakimovski, DUI-endorsed Bujar Osmani, Levica-endorsed Biljana Vankovska, VLEN-endorsed Arben Taravari, and ZNAM-endorsed Maksim Dimitrievski, promised that the situation in the country would improve, that they would fight corruption, and that they would stop youth emigration.

Pendarovski said he would ask for the President to have more competences. Regarding the issue of veto, he believes the suspensive veto should become an absolute veto.

Siljanovska Davkova stated that the country lacked, inter alia, unity regardless of affiliation, dignified behaviour by those holding the highest positions, a good health sector, and a good social protection system.

Jakimovski stated that a good politician was one who thought about future generations. In his view, the country has education problems. Osmani said that the President should have two qualities: experience and a vision for the future.

Levica-endorsed Vankovska considers that society needs a radical change, with the root of problems being detected and science giving all tools.

Taravari stated that in the capacity of Gostivar Mayor, he had managed to achieve a good level of cohesion between all ethnic communities.

Dimitrievski stressed that the Constitution shouldn’t be changed.