Proposal for Joveski as Candidate in Constitutional Court Race Withdrawn

The proposal for candidate Ljubomir Joveski to be elected Constitutional Court Judge has been withdrawn.

Accordingly, the 13th session of Parliament’s Committee on Election and Appointment Issues concerning the debate on Joveski ended on Wednesday. Joveski, who retired in the meantime and is no longer the Chief Public Prosecutor, was one of the candidates nominated by SDSM.

Commenting on the withdrawal, VMRO-DPMNE MP Dafina Stojanoska stated that SDSM had made the decision because the party no longer needed Joveski “because he executed the task he was appointed to execute, which resulted in the crimes of SDSM and DUI being protected for six years”.

Joveski himself reacted as well. As he pointed out, there are strange circumstances regarding the withdrawal. He questioned the timing.

“If there had been genuine intentions to see the process, there were enough time and opportunities. I considered there was nothing in the nomination because there weren’t any discussions or quizzing over the past year and a half. The silence led me to believe that the matter was on hold and doesn’t require communication or clarification,” Joveski noted. He described the decision to withdraw “without referring to any basic reasons” as vulgar. “Decency dictates at least a brief explanation,” Joveski stated.