Public Prosecutor’s Office Reacts to Lloga’s Decision on Report

Justice Minister Krenar Lloga has submitted the report on the work on the Public Prosecutor’s Office to the Government and made public the document containing the flaws in its work.

The institution responded to the Minister’s criticism on Wednesday. As it explained, data is missing about the duration of investigation, as is information about the recording of examination of defendants and witnesses, as well as data on disciplinary proceedings.

The Office said the investigation deadlines were instructive, adding that the efficiency hadn’t been called into question. Chief Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski is ready to answer, before all institutions, questions about all remarks noted by Lloga in the report submitted to the Government.

In response, the Minister praised the cooperation with the Office, stating that the opinion that had been made public to improve the work of the Office, especially in the fight against corruption and organised crime.