Race for New SDSM Leader: Campaign Officially Starts

The campaign in the race for new SDSM leader has officially started. Candidate Venko Filipce has said that he presented his programme before party members in Ohrid and Struga.

In his view, an efficient and functional party organisation that will work in the interest of both members and citizens is needed, as is greater democratisation of the process to elect municipal organisation heads, that is, they should be elected in intra-party elections too. Candidate Slavjanka Petrovska, too, believes that membership should come first.

According to her, one of the biggest reasons for the party’s election defeat is that voters had been neglected by leadership.

Candidate Jovan Despotovski has once again called on the three other participants in the race, Filipce, Petrovska, and Aleksandar Bajdovski, to take part in a public debate where plans for concrete reforms will be presented. However, Petrovska and Bajdevski don’t believe there should be a public debate between candidates.