Reactions to Bulgarian Foreign Ministry’s Press-Release

On Thursday, Telma asked North Macedonia’s Foreign Ministry to which politicians and statements its Bulgarian counterpart institution had reacted in the press-release issued previously.

However, the TV station received no answers. Nonetheless, media in Bulgaria have reported that it’s about statements by President Stevo Pendarovski. In addition, the diplomatic reaction came after Angel Dzhambazki’s party had asked authorities in Sofia to react to “hate speech” by Pendarovski.

Among statements by Pendarovski that are cited is the one that Bulgaria is given a disproportionately big influence at an EU level when someone says the negotiating framework with the EU is a Bulgarian dictate, but also his comment on the issue of VMRO-DPMNE and inclusion of Macedonians in the Bulgarian Constitution, in which he said the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria had been maltreated for at least 70-80 years and experienced horrific tortures.

On Thursday, Pendarovski’s Cabinet said regarding the minority comments that its existence was a fact confirmed by rulings of the European Court of Human rights.