Reactions to Court Decision on Alliance for Albanians Seal Continue

At a press-conference on Wednesday, Ziadin Sela said the Tetovo Basic Court’s decision, according to which he has the Alliance for Albanians’ seal, which means he is the party leader, was very important.

Commenting on the statements by representatives from the party’s wing headed by Arben Taravari that they would appeal it, Sela stated that everybody had a right to file an appeal.

“That right exists from a legal standpoint. I cannot deprive anybody of that right. However, on the other hand, he unfortunately didn’t exercise his right to voice his stands also within the Central Presidency and the Congress where he’d been invited,” Sela noted.

According to Taravari’s wing, however, there had been a turnover of three judges before the decision was made. Legal representative Abidin Abduli stated that the Court’s decision would be appealed.