Reactions to Idea for President to Be Elected in Parliament Continue

DUI has toughened up its rhetoric regarding the issue of whether the President should be elected in Parliament, that is, the party’s setting the election of President in the legislative house by a two-thirds and Badinter majority as a condition for coalitions after the parliamentary elections.

Ali Ahmeti’s party is now saying that the progressive idea will also save 20 million euros in election costs. In response, SDSM said on Tuesday it was part of a coalition with DUI because both parties shared EU values.

As Dimitar Kovacevski’s party added, it will not support DUI’s demand, which is not new. VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said in an interview with Sitel that the idea was an attempt to distract the public “from the crime” DUI had been seriously caught committing.