Reactions to Leonid Indov Case Continue

“It’s not true that we haven’t expressed interest, that we haven’t enabled anything so far,” Deputy Health Minister Maja Manoleva said on Thursday regarding the Health Insurance Fund’s decision not to cover the costs of the medical treatment, 140,000 euros, of Leonid Indov in Vienna.

As she added, the decision to send Indov to the Austrian capital was made by his parents. According to Manoleva, they haven’t requested any opinion from a proper institution regarding the possibility or impossibility of finishing the treatment. Indov’s father, Branko, will appeal the decision of the Fund’s first-instance commission.

The Health Insurance Fund’s stand is that the possibility of approving Indov’s treatment abroad still exists. However, that will be done only if documentation is submitted to back the claim that such treatment is not available in North Macedonia.

Regarding the case, VMRO-DPMNE said it would never allow such patients to be used for PR purposes, adding that SDSM-DUI government members had been taking photos together with Indov and “allegedly sent him on 6 February to receive treatment, but they told him two weeks later that the costs wouldn’t be covered.”