Reactions to M-NAV Incident Continue

President of the trade union of flight controllers at M-NAV Aleksandar Tasevski had a meeting with representatives of the Delegation of the EU in Skopje.

“The EU Delegation and other ambassadors are very much interested in and carefully follow the latest developments at M-NAV, and they understand our demands for professionalism and proper functioning of the institutions,” Tasevski said after the meeting, also adding that the World Organisation of Flight Controllers has also been informed of the incidents at M-NAV.

Opposing to this, M-NAV Director and Head of the management board Fahrudin Hamidi claims that the entire incident is overexaggerated before the public, and accused Tasevski of hypocrisy and nepotism.

“We witnessed the over-exaggeration of a little hissy fit between colleagues, which is a common thing in any other company. Tasevski accuses of nepotism, but doesn’t reveal that he and his brother were employed at M-NAV thanks to his father, who used to be chief of flight control,” Hamidi said, adding that his management greatly improved things at M-NAV since he assumed office in 2020, and that the company managed to clear all its debts and to improve air traffic security.

President Stevo Pendarovski condemned the acts of violence at M-NAV, and voiced support to the initiative of the government to dismiss the entire management. “No political interest can be more important than the legal order and unobstructed functioning of the institutions of the state,” Pendarovski stated.

VMRO- DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski also condemned the attack over the flight controllers. “I’m deeply sorry that 2024 started with series of scandals, with an assault of a group of bandits over the flight controllers, and then the defence of the bandits by the highly corrupted judiciary. If this happened in another country, the attackers would’ve been immediately arrested or even eliminated,” Mickoski said.

DUI also issued a statement for the press in relation to the M-NAV incidents, stating they are deeply disturbed by the events.

“The incident which some people tend to pin on DUI originated from cold and disturbed relations between colleagues at a working place, and has nothing to do with politics, or with DUI. We condemn the attempts for dragging political parties into everyday events and incidents, we support the rule of law and we hope the institutions of the state will fully resolve this case in accordance with the laws,” they react from DUI.