Reactions to Prespa Agreement Issue Continue in Greece too

SYRIZA has announced that it will submit for ratification the three memoranda arising from the Prespa Agreement that still haven’t been ratified by Greece.

The party’s stand is that New Democracy’s refusal to ratify them actually means that it doesn’t protect the Agreement legally even though, as the ruling party, it urges its implementation.

Also, Greek media quoted an unnamed NATO source as saying that the Prespa Agreement had opened the Alliance membership path and contributed to good-neighbourly relations.

“It’s important for those relations to be maintained between Allies. North Macedonia joined the Alliance under the constitutional name and is presented within NATO under that name,” the source added.

Also, Proto Thema had an article on the developments related to the Prespa Agreement headlined, “[North Macedonia’s President, Gordana] Siljanovska Davkova may face US sanctions”, Telma reported.

The TV station didn’t exactly specify what type of sanctions, though it is most likely a reference to the 2021 Executive Order.