Research: Public Sector Employments Increase Shortly before and after Elections

Research conducted by NDI North Macedonia and the ZMAI association show that public sector employments increase shortly before and after elections.

According to the data, the VMRO-DPMNE-DUI government, until 2016, had employed persons for consulting services more, whereas, after 2017, the SDSM-DUI ruling structure carried out temporary employment procedures more.

The analysis shows that due to the so-called party employments, the number of public administration sector employees has fallen significantly, that is, it is now at the 2015 level, with the biggest reason being emigration and that sector not being attractive for potential employees.

According to the data, there is an increase of employments not only at a central level, but also in municipalities. The analysis was presented on Thursday.

NDI Resident Director in North Macedonia, Robert Scott Heaslet said the abuse of state resources undermined the principles of good governance, fairness, and justice, leading to widespread negative consequences for society.

As NDI North Macedonia also explained on social media, through the project headlined “Monitoring Alleged Abuse of State Resources”, funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, it is working together with ZMAI, on monitoring abuse of state resources before, during and after election campaigns comparing open data from the past three electoral cycles.