Restrictive Measures Draft-Law Sent to Parliament

On the last day of his term as PM, on Thursday, Dimitar Kovacevski signed off on the Restrictive Measures Draft-Law.

The text is on its way to Parliament despite criticism from both law experts and state institutions. The negative opinion from both the Legislation Secretariat and the Justice Ministry remains.

Though the Government still hasn’t made public the final version of the Draft-Law that will integrate the blacklists of the US and the UK into North Macedonia’s legislation, the Ministry has adhered to the stand that introducing restrictive measures on the basis of legal acts from those two countries is in contradiction with North Macedonia’s constitutional order and sovereignty.

According to the institution, it’s even more contested that in addition, changes are being prepared to the Confiscation of Assets in Civil Proceedings Law, which will allow assets to be frozen only on the basis of suspicion and through a government decision, which opens up an opportunity for measures to be used for political purposes.