SCPC with Decisions on Several Cases

At the last working meeting of the current composition of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC), held on Tuesday, a case was opened against DUI leader Ali Ahmeti’s nephew, Drin Ahmeti, which aims to further examine how Drin’s two companies got five million denars from the Innovation Fund 18 months ago.

The SCPC also decided to submit a case to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, as well as to the Financial Police Administration, against ex-Aerodrom Mayor Ivica Konevski, concerning him using his mayoral post and changing the detailed urban plan near the Tri Biseri (Three Pearls) Trade Centre in order for a nine-story building to be introduced to the plan at a location where green areas had been planned.

The SCPC suspects that Konevski did so in exchange for getting business premises covering an area of 312 square meters. The SCPC also said it had twice fined Talat Xhaferi a combined 300 euros (150 euros twice) because he, during his time as Speaker of Parliament, according to the SCPC, was not allowed to be also a member of the DUI General Council’s Presidency.

The SCPC notified the party several times that there was a violation of the legislation concerning conflict of interest, but DUI’s only answer was that Xhaferi recused himself from the body’s work.

Due to his election as caretaker PM, according to the SCPC, Xhaferi is no longer breaking the law. Had he continued to serve as Speaker, the SCPC would have asked for him to be dismissed.