SDSM Announces Names of Carriers of MP Candidate Lists

At its Congress on Saturday, SDSM announced the names of its carriers of MP candidate lists.

Party leader Dimitar Kovacevski will head the list in Electoral District 1, while LDP leader Monika Zajkova is second, as a co-carrier. Ex-Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski is the carrier in Electoral District 2, followed by Deputy PM Fatmir Bytyqi.

Public Revenue Office Director Sanja Lukarevska and Agriculture Minister Ljupco Nikolovski are in Electoral District 3, ex-Health Minister Venko Filipce and additional Deputy Minister of Labour Trencevska in Electoral District 4, Parliament Speaker Mitreski and Culture Minister Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojcevska in Electoral District 5.

In Electoral District 6, the list will be headed by Defence Minister Slavjanka Petrovska. Kovacevski said at the Congress he expected his party and Pendarovski to have a double election victory.