SDSM Central Board Determines Caretaker Cabinet Candidates

On Tuesday, SDSM’s Central Board determined the caretaker cabinet candidates and authorised party leader Dimitar Kovacevski, on the basis of the initiative for a broad European front, to form a working group and talk to, as the party said, all political entities, NGOs, and all those who support the EU path and see the country’s future as a full-fledged EU member, in order for them to join for the achievement of the strategic goal of EU membership.

Parliamentary Group Coordinator Jovan Mitreski is the candidate for Parliament Speaker, until the end of the term of the current composition of the legislative house.

Mitko Bojmacaliev is the candidate for additional Deputy Interior Minister while among the other candidates are Slavica Grkovska (for Deputy PM for Good Governance Policies), Bojan Maricic (for Deputy PM for European Affairs), Fatmir Bytyqi (for Deputy PM for Economic Affairs), the party said in the press-release. The Central Board also decided that the current Ministers of Agriculture, Environment, Culture, Transport, and Defence, Ljupco Nikolovski, Kaja Sukova, Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojcevska, Blagoj Bocvarski, and Slavjanka Petrovska, respectively, to continue to run their respective departments in the frames of the caretaker cabinet.