SDSM-Led Coalition Presents Programme and MP Candidates

On Sunday, the SDSM-led coalition presented its election programme and MP candidates.

SDSM leader Dimitar Kovacevski and LDP leader Monika Zajkova, co-carriers in Electoral District 1, said that though there was satisfaction with work done so far, much more was needed to improve the life of citizens as well as to make sure youth don’t emigrate.

The other list carriers talked about their plans for multiple areas, including health, police, defence, culture, and fight against corruption. Sunday saw ZNAM present its MP candidates as well.

The list carriers of Maksim Dimitrievski’s party are Boban Karapeovski is in Electoral District 1, Daniel Stojchevski in in Electoral District 2, retired Major General Pavle Arsovski in Electoral District 3, Mile Cekov, head of the Chambers of Commerce for Southeastern Macedonia, in Electoral District 4, ex-SDSM MP Vesna Bendevska in Electoral District 5, and Nebojsa Zaharievski in Electoral District 6.