SDSM: VMRO-DPMNE Abuses Oncology Clinic Scandal for Political Motives

MPs from SDSM members of the Standing Inquiry Committee over the Oncology Clinic addressed fierce criticism at the committee president Rashela Mizrahi after the session held on Monday.

The SDSM MPs disagree with the conclusion promoted by Mizrahi at the session, claiming she reached the conclusions without consulting the rest of the committee members, and accused her and the rest of the members of the committee from VMRO-DPMNE for politicising the entire scandal.

“It is obvious that VMRO-DPMNE pretended to care about this case and about the patients with cancer in an attempt to score political points. Mizrahi promoted the conclusion without debate, without consultations, and without any voting for the same, and after that she interrupted the session. VMRO-DPMNE don’t care about the truth or the patients’ well-being, they only care for their political promotion,” said SDSM MP Nenad Kocic.