SEC Member Issue: Latest Developments

Friday didn’t see Parliament elect a new State Election Commission (SEC) member. Speaker Talat Xhaferi said that there were no materials. In response, BESA MP Fadil Zendeli criticised the Speaker.

“The conditions have been met. Don’t manipulate,” Zendeli said, insisting for the item to be put on the agenda.

The same day, the European Alliance for Changes coalition, which consists of BESA, Alternative, and Democratic Movement, made an ultimatum, that is, if it doesn’t get a SEC member by 31 December, it will boycott Parliament and then take other measures as well.

Commenting on the ultimatum, Alliance for Albanians said the following day that it actually represented “leaving room for non-participation in the elections”.

The government is adamant it will comply with procedures prescribed in the law, whereas VMRO-DPMNE believes that SDSM, DUI, and Arben Taravari’s party are calling into question the legitimacy of the election process.