SEC Rejects DUI’s Complaint over Revote at Polling Station 2101 in Zelino

The State Electoral Commission (SEC) held a session on Monday, at which they rejected the complaint filed by DUI-lead European Front over the revote for the 2024 parliamentary election which took place at the 2101 polling station in the Municipality of Zelino.

SEC rejected the complaint as ungrounded, and now DUI can file over this decision another complaint to the Administrative Court of North Macedonia, which has to make a decision upon it in 48 hours.

After the revote in Zelino, DUI, which previously had won 19 mandates in the new parliament assembly, lost one mandate to VLEN, who previously had 13.

After the revote, the distribution of the mandates is as follows: VMRO-DPMNE has 58, SDSM and DUI have 18 each, VLEN has 14, and Levica and ZNAM have 6 each.