SEC Session: Voting Process to Be Repeated in Zelino

At Monday’s session, the State Election Commission (SEC) rejected one complaint filed by VLEN over the parliamentary elections. However, it accepted another, also submitted by the coalition, concerning Polling Station 2012 in Zelino.

There was no fingerprint from 110 voters, that is, they voted only on the basis of their unique citizen identification number and ID scanning.

SEC Vice President Ditmire Shehu, nominated by DUI, requested for the minutes of the vote to be posted on the SEC’s website. However, SEC members rejected that.

She also called on the persons that worked at the archives while the complaints were being submitted to say who had brought those documents because, in her view, VLEN’s authorised representative, should have done so.

However, the other SEC members said it was irrelevant who had brought the complaints because all had been signed by the political stakeholder.

Since the recount and insight into the overall electoral material showed there was one ballot paper more, SEC member Abdush Demiri requested for the voting process to be repeated.