Spanish Ambassador on North Macedonia’s EU path

“We support the country regarding EU integration,” Spanish Ambassador Jose Luis Lozano Garcia says in an interview with RFE Macedonian.

However, he doesn’t rule out the possibility of other requirements coming from other members during the negotiations process, on which the holding of the 2 nd intergovernmental conference depends. Regarding enlargement, the Spanish Ambassador states that it is important whether both the EU and countries are ready.

“Whether the glass is half-full or half-empty depends on whether one is part of the government or of the opposition,” the Ambassador notes. As far the fight against corruption is concerned, he says additional efforts are needed.

“With the new methodology, what’s called fundamentals is a very important cluster. That’s the basis of the whole process, that’s the rule of law, the judiciary, fighting corruption, and, in fact, that is the first cluster that is opened and the last one that will be closed. So, let’s not talk about weak points, but rather about additional efforts every candidate country should do. And that’s the most complicated area for any country,” the Ambassador points out.