Still Unknown when SEC Member will Be Elected

“A session of the body is not being planned for today and for tomorrow,” Marija Georgievska, Chairperson of Parliament’s Committee on Election and Appointment Issues, told Kanal 5 on Thursday regarding the process to elect a State Election Commission (SEC) member.

She didn’t reveal whether she would stick to her proposal for both candidates, Abdush Demiri and Zulfi Adili, to be sent to a plenary session. Georgievska will leave room for the Committee members to try to align stands.

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi said Article 27 of the Electoral Code, which concerned the SEC, didn’t specify whether parties had to have participated in elections. As he added, it only says it pertains to opposition parties, while the MP from Arjanit Hoxha’s party, Bastri Bajrami, acts as an opposition MP in Parliament. Justice Minister Krenar Lloga, who’s part of Alliance for Albanians, has proposed for the SEC to consist of nine, not seven members, as a solution to the impasse.

On the other hand, the European Alliance for Changes coalition, has adhered to its announcements it will boycott Parliament and stage protests if its candidate, Demiri, is not elected.