Stoiljkovic Denies Accusations He’s Putin Man

The Minister of Inter-Community Relations and Deputy Prime Minister, in an interview with Belgrade-based Prva TV, denies the accusations that he is a Putin man.

“I am a Serb. How can I be somebody else’s man? My whole life, I’ve been a servant of the Serb people in Macedonia, but I also try to be a loyal citizen of Macedonia,” he stresses.

The Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia leader adds that the first thing done by him during his term has been tasking the Institute of Sociological, Political and Legal Research with carrying out an analysis of the position of national minorities in the country in order for the Government to be able to know later on what to do over the matter.

Regarding Open Balkan, Stoiljkovic describes it as necessary. “It’s of great interest to the Macedonian economy,” he points out.