Struga Primary School Head-Teacher Forbids Singing of National Anthem

On Wednesday, Brakja Miladinovci Primary School Head-teacher Albana Zhuta forbade the singing of the national anthem.

At the marking of the patronal holiday of the School, located in Struga, an incident nearly took place because Zhuta, in her address, used political rhetoric and wrong facts of history.

Also, in Albanian, she stated that the institution should be renamed to “Liria” (the name used during World War II) and that “we should go back the paths outlined then”. Those in attendance booed her, while ethnic Macedonian teachers tried to stop the speech, which was met with a violent reaction from their ethnic Albanian co-workers, who threatened there would be a physical confrontation.

According to the MKD portal’s information, a criminal charge has already been filed, as has a petition before the State Education Inspectorate.