Struga Prison Head: Mijalkov Meets All Criteria to Be Released on Parole

The Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office will decide for the second time whether ex-secret police chief Saso Mijalkov will leave prison.

Though the Criminal Court rejected Mijalkov’s request to be released on parole and the Office then issued a negative opinion, now, due to the amended appeal, the Office will once again decide on the matter, the institution confirmed for Telma on Tuesday.

The request had arrived at the Office the previous day. Mijalkov is serving a three-year prison sentence. However, the law enables prisoners, after the halfway point of their sentence and for good behaviour, to request for said sentence to be shortened.

Mijalkov is doing time in the Struga prison, whose head, Qyra, said the ex-secret police chief met all criteria to be released on parole.