Taravari: Alliance for Albanians has Officially Decided to Join Opposition

Alliance for Albanians has officially decided to join the opposition, party leader Arben Taravari said on social media following Thursday’s meeting in Kumanovo with members of the party’s Central Assembly.

Taravari had convened the meeting with the party body’s delegates to ask for support for his decision to participate in the elections together with the ethnic Albanian opposition bloc.

“The delegates voted in favour of my proposal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the trust! Alliance for Albanians has officially decided to join the opposition! 8 May is closer than ever! The change has started,” Taravari said on his official Facebook page.

As Alsat reported, at the meeting in Kumanovo, he said that on 9 May, a day after the elections, the party would be the main deciding factor regarding North Macedonia’s future.

After the meeting, Spokesperson Blerant Ramadani stated that the meeting had been attended by 75 Assembly members, all of whom had decided to sign the declaration supporting Taravari for starting a coalition with the opposition in order for DUI to, as he said, become an opposition party after 20 years.