Taravari-Headed Alliance for Albanians Wing Finalises MP Candidates

The Alliance for Albanians wing headed by Arben Taravari finalised on Monday its MP candidates, which will be part of the joint lists with the VLEN coalition.

Taravari’s wing will only have one list carrier, Salim Sulejmani in Electoral District 5. In Electoral District 1, his party will have a candidate in the fourth position. However, additional consultations will be made on who that will be.

“Rijat Shaqiri from Lipkovo Municipality will be second on the list in Electoral District 2. In the third position, there will be a joint candidate with Democratic Movement. The fourth position will belong to Alliance for Albanians.

I hope we will reveal the name after additional consultations. We will have candidates in Electoral Districts 3 and 4. There are multiple names. We need more time for consultations. It’s about independent, not party, candidates. That’s why I have taken authorisation from the Central Assembly to choose the persons that will have an impact in that region,” Taravari said.

Among the candidates in Electoral District 6 is current parliamentarian Snopce.