Telma: Judicial Council to Debate Request to Dismiss Supreme Court’s Ademi

The Judicial Council will debate the request to dismiss Besa Ademi as Supreme Court President, Telma has found out.

According to Telma sources, the three-member commission of rapporteurs has scheduled a debate for 29 December where Ademi, too, personally will be able to present her defence against the allegations being used to request her dismissal.

The Council should voice a stand on whether media and NGOs will attend the session considering Ademi has announced she will ask for a public session. Last week, answering a journalist’s question about the initiative to dismiss her, Ademi said such procedures were of confidential nature, adding, however, that she would ask for a public session in order for the broader public to be informed.

Article 61 of the Judicial Council Law prescribes that the procedure is of confidential nature and the public is not present, but, upon a request of a judge, the Council will make the procedure open to the public. The Council, too, pointed to that Article, telling Telma that if there was such a request, the Council would decide and inform the public.