Thaci’s DPA and Hoxha’s Party Join DUI-Led Pre-Election Coalition

On Monday, Menduh Thaci’s DPA and Arjanit Hoxha’s European Democratic Party officially joined the DUI-led pre-election coalition.

“This is the right moment for us to be together in a joint front. This front will be invincible,” DUI leader Ali Ahmeti stated.

As he explained, the goal is EU integration, not party or personal benefits.

Thaci stated that the Russian aggression against the civilised world, “through the installed hands” in Skopje and Belgrade, was the risk facing the Balkans and North Macedonia.

“This unification aims to prevent that policy from coming to Macedonia too. It asks of our people to vote through 30 MP seats so that we disable Russian policy from being institutionalised in the Republic of North Macedonia,” the DPA leader added.

The Democratic Party of Turks, too, is reportedly expected to join the DUI-led coalition.