Three Ambassadors Part of Event in Frames of Campaign “We Are Europe”

The Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador David Geer, German Ambassador Petra Drexler, and Spanish Ambassador Jose Luis Lozano Garcia were on Monday part of an event in the frames of the campaign “We Are Europe”, held in Kumanovo.

Geer said EU membership would bring tangible and practical benefits with regards to areas such as energy efficiency, environmental protection, and economic well-being. The German Ambassador spoke about energy and climate change.

As she pointed out, no country can deal with the energy transition on its one, so North Macedonia, too, will make it as part of the energy community with a regional and European perspective, with a clear focus on expanding networks and with good cooperation between the public sector and private investments.

PM Kovacevski said the EU had been key in the building of a safer and greener energy future for the country.