Three Parties Submit Report to SCPC over DUI and Eurovia

Alternative, BESA, and Democratic Movement have filed a report to the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) over DUI and Eurovia.

“The basis of our suspicion is that there’s corruption and conflict of interest in the relations between DUI and Eurovia,” the parties said on Wednesday, adding that the company was both a DUI donor and subcontractor in the construction works in the frames of Corridor VIII.

They suspect that there is money laundering and doing business with the company. Eurovia donated around 70,000 euros to DUI in 2022 alone. The three parties added that the party had also won the 1.8-million euro tender for the organisation of the OSCE event.

Alternative, BESA, and Democratic Movement said they expected the SCPC to confirm their suspicions, after which they would report the case to higher legal instances.