Toskovski and Bojmacaliev Congratulate Citizens on Fair and Democratic Process

At a press-conference on Wednesday, caretaker Interior Minister Pance Toskovski and the additional Deputy Minister, Mitko Bojmacaliev, congratulated citizens on the fair and democratic election.

At the press-conference, Toskovski presented irregularities he described as insignificant. The Caretaker Minister stated that there hadn’t been incidents that were more serious and that aimed at violating the election’s irregularity.

At a national level, 12 cases of taking a photo of a ballot paper were registered, as were two cases of tearing a ballot paper, six reports about an offered bribe, 15 reports about campaigning, and a report about a smoke grenade that went off on the territory of the Skopje Internal Affairs Sector.

Regarding the grenade, an anti-terrorism team took action. On the basis of previously submitted reports, the Ministry registered six misdemeanours according to Article 190 of the Electoral Code, while two charges will be filed concerning Article 163 of the Criminal Code and one in relation to Article 159.

In Kumanovo, two polling stations were closed, while the electoral material was returned to the Municipal Election Commission’s office.