Toskovski, Bushi, and Bojmacaliev Meet ODIHR Delegation

On Wednesday, caretaker Interior Minister Pance Toskovski, Deputy Minister Nazim Bushi, and additional Deputy Minister Mitko Bojmacaliev held a working meeting with an ODIHR delegation led by Keara Castaldo, Senior Election Adviser.

Toskovski expressed gratitude for the cooperation and efforts invested in continuity by the ODIHR aiming at transparent organisation of every election process in the country.

Asked by Castaldo about the role in the election process, Toskovski voiced conviction that what was most important was that the ODIHR Mission would once again play one of the key parts in the 2024 elections too and transparently present the overall situation on the ground aiming at organisation of fair and democratic elections. Bojmacaliev stated that all necessary activities related to the administration of the elections had been taken.

“At the same time, I want to say that in the capacity of additional Deputy Minister, I will be committed to the carrying out of all future activities of the Ministry regarding successful organisation of the election processes,” he stated.