Two New Charges Filed Against Struga Mayor Merko

Two new charges have been filed against Struga Mayor Ramiz Merko, who was blacklisted last year by the U.S. In the first case, four persons, Merko, a teacher, a head-teacher, and an assistant head-teacher, are charged with falsification of an employment document and appointing a head-teacher, who held the position from April 2022 to September 2023.

“The principal suspect, a French language teacher at a primary school in Velesta, used three fake public documents as original to take an expert exam within the State Exam Centre. The other three people, the Mayor, the head-teacher, and the assistant head-teacher accepted the fake documents for her employment as a teacher, but also for her appointment as an acting head-teacher,” the Public Prosecutor’s Office said.

In the second case, Merko is charged with unscrupulous operation with the service because he appointed a person as an acting head-teacher of a primary school in Podgorci village even though that person didn’t meet the criteria.