US Ambassador Aggeler in Interview with Kanal 5

“This is a question for authorities here and, you know, I have to say that I am disappointed that corruption continues to be one of, if not the biggest, challenges facing this country,” US Ambassador Angela Aggeler said in Thursday’s interview with Kanal 5, asked whether she was disappointed by the authorities’ “wish, that is, non-wish” to fight crime and corruption seriously. As she added, it has been a systemic problem since the country got its independence.

“It was when I was here before, but frankly it has also been a systemic problem since the independence, 31 years ago. So, one cannot blame one particular government or institution. It is the responsibility of the judiciary and every government and frankly of the citizens because corruption does not happen by itself,” the Ambassador noted.

According to her, one can’t be corrupt all by themselves. “It requires decisions and choices by individuals and by citizens and officials. And, so, I hope very much that there's a real change and I also believe that part of the European integration process addresses those very issues and would be an enormous help,” the Ambassador stressed.