US Assistant Secretary O’Brien Comments on Non-Paper Issue

Asked in Skopje on Monday whether the international factor was pressuring for a non-paper to be signed obliging parties from the ethnic Albanian bloc not to enter a coalition with parties that wouldn’t complete the constitutional changes in the six-month period after the elections, James O’Brien, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs said he didn’t know about a non-paper.

“I don’t know about a non- paper. I want to stay with what I have said when I was here in November and also today. We think it’s up to the citizens of North Macedonia to decide the way forward. I think one party [SDSM] has proposed a way forward and, of course, takes criticism because some people like or don’t like that way. I think another party [VMRO-DPMNE] is promising that it will figure out a way forward and I think it’s fair for citizens to maybe ask that party to put forth a non-paper explaining what its vision is, and then you get to decide between the vision you know and something that’s a promise,” the US official pointed out.