US Under Secretary Allen in Interview with Sakam Da Kazam

US Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, Liz Allen, who visited North Macedonia on Sunday, met representatives of the NGO sector working on disinformation prevention and media literacy programmes, in addition to paying a visit to the Stobi archaeological site.

Also, in an interview with the Sakam Da Kazam portal, asked about the main points to secure the region and North Macedonia against harmful influence, she said her Western Balkans tour had especially focused on foreign harmful influence with regards to information and disinformation manipulation.

“What we do know is that Russia and the others, but the Kremlin especially, uses disinformation, uses foreign harmful influence in the information space to sow chaos here in the region, to undermine trust and credibility of institutions, to sow division,” she pointed out, adding that the Kremlin didn’t want the Western Balkans region to be aligned with Europe and rooted in the Euro-Atlantic community.