Vanja Gjorcevska Case: Ambassador Aggeler Says System Let Girl Down

In an interview with Kanal 77 Radio, US Ambassador Angela Aggeler says regarding the murder of teenager Vanja Gjorcevska that the system let the girl down.

“These are criminals who were known to be criminals, who were violent criminals, who were not in jail. They had not been previously arrested and imprisoned. They hadn’t been arrested and had the full prosecution of their previous crimes. They had not paid that price. And the little girl did, Vanja did. And it is heart-breaking, it is absolutely heart-breaking.

And it is not a time for politicisation. It is a time for the institutions of this country to take a cold, hard look at themselves and say: ‘What more should we have done to protect this little girl and every other child in this country? Why are we allowing criminals to move about freely and to commit crimes on anybody else in this country?’ And, so, this is a tragedy,” the Ambassador points out, expressing hope that the country, citizens, institutions and officials will look within themselves and ask themselves what they should have done and what they should do now to make sure such acts never happen again.