Vanja Gjorcevska Case: Latest Reactions

Though the findings from the autopsy procedures concerning Vanja Gjorcevska and Pance Zezovski are at the Prosecutor’s Office, prosecutors haven’t shared any information, saying that is in the interest of the investigation.

When it comes to Right, the party of the principal suspect in the double murder, Ljupco Palevski, the Office hasn’t received an initiative for it to be shut down and banned in order to be able to start proceedings.

As it explained on Monday, over the three conditions to ban a party (calling for violent toppling of the constitutional order, instigating or calling for military aggression, or exciting national, racial or religious hate), there needs to be a criminal procedure.

If evidence is provided as a result of that procedure, then, proceedings to shut down and ban the party would start. PM Dimitar Kovacevski shares Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski’s view that the party must be banned.

As he stressed, the suspects, last year, during the adoption of the French proposal, were part of the protests shoulder to shoulder with VMRO-DPMNE and Levica. Together, in the PM’s view, they pretended to be patriotic and slowed down the country’s progress.

“This people has had enough of both fake patriotism and quasi-nationalism,” Kovacevski noted.