Vanja Gjorcevska Case: Palevski Denies Any Involvement in Double Murder

During Wednesday’s interrogation at the Prosecutor’s Office, Ljupco Palevski denied any involvement in the double murder of Vanja Gjorcevska and Pance Zezovski.

According to his lawyer, Marjan Vitanovski, Palevski, the principal suspect in the case, said he’d been charged due to previous hostilities and even some political misunderstandings with certain ruling structure representatives.

“He fully denies involvement in the crime, denies association with the defendants on any grounds, denies the existence of any deal to commit this crime, claims that he is not guilty and that he took none of the action referred to in the investigation order.

He presented his defence by pointing to facts and certain pieces of evidence we will submit additionally. We don’t know what evidence the Office has at its disposal because so far, until this stage of the procedure, we haven’t had even an opportunity to conduct insight. For now, we maintain his claim that he didn’t commit the crime at all,” the lawyer noted.

The defence, he added, has the evidence to confirm what his client told prosecutors.